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Secretary Locke Wants Your Questions on the Future of American Manufacturing

Today Secretary Locke will be testifying before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation about the Future of American Manufacturing: Maintaining America's Competitive Edge.  Secretary Locke will be answering questions from Senators during the hearing, but afterwards he wants to hear from you. We invite you to watch the hearing and submit questions about manufacturing via comments on this post, Twitter (use hashtag #LockeChat) and on our Facebook page. As the Secretary’s schedule permits, he’ll answer some of the questions throughout the day.

As a primer, watch the video below. In it U.S. companies from a wide range of industries from health care to plastics talk about why they manufacture their goods in America. The United States offers a highly educated workforce, strong intellectual property protections, and a business climate that supports and encourages innovation. For ET Water, Labcon, Supracor and others, manufacturing in America just makes smart business sense.  |  Senate testimony

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Encourage More Domestic manufacturing

I hope this is good news for all of us "little guys" who are innovators and still manufacture goods in the United States. I for one would like more help from our government on competing in international markets. For my industry in car care there are huge opportunities to sell internationally however there are so many government roadblocks for the little guy that its just not cost effective.

Our Commercial Service Specialists can help you

I would encourage you to contact one of our Commercial Service specialists ( who can help you get through your roadblocks to selling internationally.

You can find a local expert here -

Buying American products

Is there a list available to consumers of products that are American made? I would be willing to pay more to "buy American", but it can be a tedious process to find appropriate goods and venders.

American-made goods

The Department of Commerce no longer maintains such data, but you may want to contact the national Association of Manufacturers ( or the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (

Green Building Innovation

I an Innnovator, Inventor and Building contractor and have solutions on cost effective Innovative building systems that create sustainable jobs are non combustible,use recycled materials, fortified and energy efficient, where can I find funding to launch a factory or assistance ?


You may want to try contacting the Economic Development Administration for assistance and more information: