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Secretary Locke Visits Kennedy Space Center Lab, Meets with Displaced Workers on Florida's Space Coast

Phot of Locke in labSecretary Locke visited Florida’s Space Coast today to tour a world-class laboratory at Kennedy Space Center and meet with displaced workers to discuss what the Obama administration, the Commerce Department and NASA are doing to improve the local economy as the Space Shuttle program winds down, and to hear from them about the challenges they’re facing during the transition. Locke stressed the administration’s continued commitment to getting people back to work and preserving the region as a hub for innovation.

During his third visit to the region, Locke toured the Space Life Sciences Laboratory at Exploration Park, a research and technology facility at Kennedy Space Center, and met with recently laid off NASA contractors. He was joined by Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas, Commerce’s Assistant Secretary for Economic Development John Fernandez, NASA Associate Deputy Administrator Charles Scales, and Kennedy Space Center Director Robert Cabana.

Locke and NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden, Jr., are co-chairing the President’s Task Force on Space Industry Work Force and Economic Development, a $40 million, multi-agency initiative that is building on and complementing ongoing local and federal economic and workforce development efforts. The Task Force is leading the effort to grow the Space Coast economy and prepare its workers for the opportunities of tomorrow. Its report to the president is due in mid-August. 


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The Need for "Business Continuity".....

With the development of the NIMS concept of a recovery framework, I truly believe that COMMERCE should also be seriously looking into and emphasize on Business Continuity as a mitigative (?) approach versus recovery in a consequence management sort of way. Because no company is an island unto itself and the loss of a business can have a dramatic real-life impact on the community, continuity will always serve as an option for the case of the Florida Coast oil spill. In an article posted in EMERGENCY magazine, several initiatives regarding business continuity could be presented to public and private companies like:

• to inform decision-makers and assist businesses, public agencies and communities in the development and furtherance of joint emergency
and contingency planning;

• to encourage public- and private-sector entities that already engage in the assessment and planning process to form cooperative partnerships and improve community resilience

• to cultivate an understanding of methods that public and private
organizations can utilize to complement and support one another

• to develop an understanding of mutual and respective preparedness
goals in the public and private sectors.

Once again, I truly believe that some COMMERCE bureau should be the lead agency in this endeavor. that is, if there is not one already, thanks..