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Ethics Law and Programs Division

David Maggi, Chief
Tel: (202) 482-5384
Fax: (202) 482-2998


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Phone: 202-482-5384
Email: EthicsDivision[at]doc[dot]gov


The Ethics Law and Programs Division of the Office of the Assistant General Counsel for Administration provides advice to Department of Commerce employees regarding the Executive Branch ethics rules and restrictions.

Office Description

Advisory Services

The Ethics Law and Programs Division staff provides guidance on issues including financial and non-financial conflicts of interest, outside activities including political activities, gifts, and post-employment restrictions. To ensure that advisory services are readily available, an attorney is assigned each day to answer telephone questions and e-mail inquiries.

Financial Disclosure Reports

The Division is also responsible for operating the Department’s financial disclosure program. Employees in senior positions, including procurement officials, are required annually to file a financial disclosure report, in which the employee provides information regarding investments, sources of income, liabilities, gifts, and non-Federal positions held. Some reports are available to the public (SF 278s); others are confidential (OGE Form 450s). All are reviewed by the Ethics Law and Programs Division staff to identify potential conflicts and to advise employees on corrective measures.

Ethics Training Program

The Division operates the Department’s ethics training program. Through this program, the Division provides briefings to individual employees and groups of employees on ethics statutes, regulations, and policies. Briefings are offered at Washington, D.C. headquarters, major suburban offices, and in field offices around the country.