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Employment and Labor Law Division

Brian D. DiGiacomo, Chief
Tel: (202) 482-5017
Fax: (202) 501-2878

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The Employment and Labor Law Division provides advice and guidance to management regarding employment and labor law issues, including the legal standards for taking adverse and performance-based actions; laws regarding discrimination and harassment; issues relating to labor relations, unions, collective bargaining agreements, negotiations, and grievances; and statutes, regulations, and policies relating to the administration of leave and other employee benefits. Division attorneys represent the Department, its bureaus and activities, in administrative proceedings relating to employment or labor law matters before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Merit Systems Protection Board, the Federal Labor Relations Authority, and the Foreign Service Grievance Board. This representational function also extends to third-party arbitrations and mediations. Division attorneys assist the Department of Justice and the various U.S. Attorney Offices in representing the agency in Federal courts.

Office Description

The Employment and Labor Law Division is headed by a Chief assisted by a Deputy Chief.  Approximately 25 attorneys are divided into four teams representing and advising specific bureaus and activities within the Department of Commerce.

NOAA Team (301) 713-2527
Census Team
(for non-Decennial Census issues)
(301) 763-2918

Decennial Team
(for Decennial Census issues)

(301) 763-2918
Headquarters Team (202) 482-5017

In addition to representing the Department in approximately 300 administrative or judicial cases at any given time, Division attorneys provide training to more than 3,000 employees nationwide each year.

Note: Employment and labor law guidance for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is provided by the Office of General Law, Office of General Counsel, USPTO -