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Tory Burch - In Her Own Words

So I’m Tory Burch, I’m the designer and CEO of Tory Burch LLC. Our company is 10 years old as of last February. And it’s a lifestyle brand that’s women’s accessories. We’re in 50 countries, we have about 2500 employees and 130 stores worldwide.

So the Tory Burch Foundation was launched in 2009 and it was part of the business plan of Tory Burch LLC so it’s really exciting that now that our business has traction we’re able to start a foundation and really work with so many incredible entrepreneurs. What we do is we empower women through small loans, entrepreneurial education and networking and mentoring.

Our partnership with Bank of America is really exciting.  We’re targeting in the cities we have stores across the United States. With a start of $10 million in low-cost capital that we’re able to give to women entrepreneurs, any business, just viable businesses that we can help grow and mentor them.

Well the PAGE effort is beyond limits and to me that’s really exciting.  I’m really interested in scale and impact and I think this is a perfect way to bring such extraordinary entrepreneurs together, unless in a think-tank format and really see what we can come up with to help the economies globally but also entrepreneurship globally.