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PAGE Ambassador Alexa von Tobel (Video Transcript)


I am Alexa Von Tobel. I am the founder and CEO of, one of the fastest growing financial planning companies here in the United States. LearnVest is on the online platform. We connect individuals and their families directly to LearnVest experts and we put you through a seven step process to help you build a financial plan and our whole mission is about affordable trusted access to unbiased advice, and we’re really excited because I believe that financial planning should really be a civil right. It is so fundamental to every single family money touches our lives every day and to be able to give people the power to control their money and to control their finances is incredibly rewarding.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t only about blood, sweat, and tears. It is like blood, sweat and tears, bile, plasma. Being an entrepreneur is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my life. And I think one of the best things for entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs is to do something you are incredibly passionate about.

So what I am excited about with the PAGE program is that if you can teach people that they can believe in themselves and take their little seed of an idea and feed it properly that not only can we change the economy, the country, but maybe even the globe. And I really believe that it will be entrepreneurs harnessing the biggest ideas to the biggest problems that we face as race to be able to try to fix them and I think we’ll be able to fix them the fastest. So I am just so excited to, one, do my favorite thing in the world which is entrepreneurship and to join this incredibly cool team of other entrepreneurs to help inspire people not only across the United States but also across the country.

So, I actually live and breathe by this, but I put everything that really is a tough decision through a filter that says when I am 80, when I am 90, and I am looking back on my life, am I going to regret having not done this? And one of the coolest things I learned as an undergrad working in a psychology lab was that when you are at the end of your life and are looking back you never regret something that you did, you always regret something that you didn’t do, so if there’s an idea, something you are passionate about, that itch that you just can’t get rid of, sit down, really think about the problem and then go start it. Find some mentors and just get going and start setting goals and I really believe that if you have the right idea then just get started.