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Attracting Manufacturing Investment in American Communities Transcript

Manufacturing in the United States, of tomorrow, is not the same as it was yesterday.  We have to do what we do best and that is to take the sophisticated manufacturing, take the precision manufacturing, take the manufacturing that others just don't do as well as we do and we have to, we have to accentuate that. That doesn't happen just with the city working by itself and it really doesn't happen just the federal government working by itself.  This truly is a partnership.

And what's been interesting the past couple years is to see the reshoring of manufacturing jobs to Louisville specifically with General Electric bringing jobs back from China and Mexico and rebuilding the whole internal supply chain in Louisville.  So not only as a resulted in a billion dollars a capital investment and thousands of jobs, but also a lot of new interesting partnerships with our maker community, our technologists in the community as well. So it's been good for GE, but its also been good for the broader entrepreneur community in our city as well.

Historically manufacturing has been a coastal and more metropolitan centered industry, but we have all the resources and locational advantages in rural America too and so by working with the federal government I hope that this allows us to bring some attention and therefore investment into the manufacturing sector in our rural America places like Montana.

The IMCP provides a great mechanism to foster the relationships necessary to create good middle-class jobs. Specifically this program will help us harness the full potential of the growing shale gas industry in our area by allowing us to effectively provide workers with the essential training and skills that will carry over in a career tied to sustainable domestic energy production