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National Export Initiative Two-Year Anniversary Facebook Timeline Transcript

Overview of a Facebook Timeline for the National Export Initiative

January 2010 President Obama Launches the National Export Initiative

President Obama speaking: The United States of America is launching a single comprehensive strategy to promote American exports. It is called the National Export Initiative and it's an ambitious effort to marshall the full resources of the United States government behind American businesses that sell their goods and services abroad.

February 2010 Strategic Partnership with key private sector vendors is announced

September 2010 White House Releases Report to the President on the National Export Initiative

February 2011 Exports rebounded strongly in 2010, increasing 16.6 percent from 2009 levels

President obama signs the Colombia, Panama and Korea Trade Agreements

President Obama speaking: Here in the United States this trade agreement will support at least seventy thousand American jobs. It will increase exports. It will boost our economy by more than our last nine trade agreements combined.

And as I said the good thing is we've got a balanced situation

It is not just a matter of folks sending a bunch of stuff in here. Koreans are also buying American products. That's what makes it a win-win.

February 2012
Exports continued to show strong growth, climbing 14.5% in 2011. Along with the 16.7% increase in 2010, this means that exports have increased 33.5% over the last two years,
a pace that slightly exceeds that needed to achieve the National Export Initiative goal of doubling exports by 2014.

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