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Commerce Secretary Gary Locke's Remarks During the Ron Brown Way Dedication Ceremony

Well, thank you very much Micheal. It is really a pleasure to be here today and all it takes is one look at this crowd to know that Ron Brown left a permanent mark not just in the Department of Commerce, but certainly in Washington, DC area.

And today – in the presence of Ron’s wife Alma, and his children Michael and Tracy, and their families – we’ve come together to celebrate an incredible legacy.

It’s a legacy defined by accomplishment and by adherence to the principle that everyone – regardless of who or who they were or where they cpme from or what their skin color – that they all deserved an opportunity to succeed.  Ron Brown made it his business to ensure that more people had that opportunity.

Beginning today, this stretch of road behind me will be known as Ron Brown Way. And it's a fitting tribute to a man who was born in Washington, DC, but who spent his life working to deliver economic and social justice to people in this city, all across America and, indeed, all around the world

We lost Ron Brown – and 34 other good men and women – 15 years ago in the skies of Croatia, but this tribute declaring “Ron Brown Way” will ensure that what Ron Brown did and what he stood for will live on forever.  

So thank you all for coming today. We've got a great program and we are looking forward to a really incredible tribute, and again a permanent tribute to a man whose legacy will forever endure. Thank you.