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Secretary Speeches from 2010

Date Title
12/21/2010 Remarks at the 2010 Census Data Release
12/15/2010 Closing Remarks/Press Statements at 21st Annual U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT)
12/15/2010 Remarks at 21st Annual U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT)
12/09/2010 Remarks at the American Council on Renewable Energy
12/08/2010 Remarks at Atlantic/National Journal Event
12/06/2010 Remarks at the New Market Exporter Initiative Launch with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and FedEx
12/02/2010 Remarks at U.S.-China Commercial Relationship Policy Conference
11/19/2010 Remarks at Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Annual Business and Leadership Conference
11/15/2010 Remarks at the 122nd Annual Meeting of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
11/15/2010 Remarks at the Americas Competitiveness Forum Opening Ceremony
11/11/2010 Remarks at Asia-Pacific Cooperation (APEC) Small- and Medium Enterprises (SME) Summit, Yokohama, Japan
11/10/2010 Remarks at the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan, Tokyo, Japan
11/09/2010 Remarks at FICCI/AmCham-India Innovation Event, Delhi, India
11/06/2010 Remarks at U.S.-India Business and Entrepreneurship Summit, Mumbai, India
10/29/2010 Remarks to Silicon Valley Leadership Group on Obama Administration's Efforts to Foster Innovation, Santa Clara, California
10/26/2010 Remarks at 2010 International District Export Council (DEC) Conference
10/20/2010 Remarks at AdvaMed 2010 Medical Technology Conference
10/19/2010 Remarks at U.S.-Israel Business Initiative Summit
10/18/2010 Secretary Locke Keynotes Annual GridWeek Conference
10/13/2010 Remarks at National Export Initiative Event, Memphis, Tennessee
10/07/2010 Remarks at Transatlantic Business Dialogue Conference
10/06/2010 Remarks at Woodrow Wilson Center China Environment Forum
09/23/2010 Remarks at Cybersecurity Forum, Georgetown University
09/23/2010 Remarks at Innovation Clusters Conference, the Brookings Institution
09/17/2010 Remarks at Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, Seattle, Washington
09/01/2010 Remarks at Commerce Connect Ribbon Cutting
08/31/2010 Remarks at 23rd Annual Bureau of Industry and Security Update Conference
08/27/2010 Remarks at the National Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week Conference
08/04/2010 Remarks at Manufacturing Council
07/28/2010 Remarks at UPS Global Operations Center, Louisville, Kentucky
07/27/2010 Remarks at Cybersecurity and Innovation in the Information Economy
07/20/2010 Remarks at Clean Energy Ministerial Public Forum
07/19/2010 Remarks at U.S.-Brazil, CEO Forum, Denver, Colorado
07/16/2010 Remarks at Clean Energy Economy Forum, the White House
07/15/2010 Remarks at Department of Commerce University Innovation Forum, Georgia Institute of Technology
07/14/2010 Remarks at Cybersecurity Policy Review Meeting
07/01/2010 Remarks at Copyright Policy in the Internet Economy Symposium
06/23/2010 Testimony Before the Senate Finance Committee
06/16/2010 Remarks at 21st Annual Energy Efficiency Forum
06/14/2010 Remarks at U.S. Conference of Mayors, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
06/04/2010 Remarks at Townhall Meeting, on Space Coast Economy, Orlando, Florida
05/26/2010 Remarks at American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
05/26/2010 Remarks at Townhall Meeting, University of Indonesia Depok Campus, Jakarta, Indonesia
05/21/2010 Remarks at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
05/21/2010 Remarks at American Chamber of Commerce and U.S.-China Busines Council, Bejing, China
05/19/2010 Remarks at American Chamber of Commerce Shanghai and U.S.-China Business Council, Shanghai
05/17/2010 Remarks at American Chamber of Commerce and Trade Development Council, Hong Kong
05/16/2010 Remarks at Press Conference Kicking Off Trade Mission to China and Indonesia
05/13/2010 Remarks at Presentation of President's "E" and "E Star" Awards
05/12/2010 Remarks at Washington Foreign Press Center Briefing on Trade Mission to China and Indonesia
05/11/2010 Remarks at National Export Initiative Event, Leesburg, Virginia
05/07/2010 Remarks at Privacy and Innovation Symposium
05/03/2010 Remarks at Travel and Tourism Town Hall, Orlando, Florida
04/30/2010 Remarks at National Export Initiative Event, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
04/29/2010 Remarks at Business Software Alliance Cybersecurity Forum
04/28/2010 Keynote at the U.S.-Saudi Business Opportunities Forum, Chicago, Illinois
04/26/2010 Remarks at Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship
04/22/2010 Remarks at Lincoln Park Earth Day Event in Lincoln Park, New Jersey
04/20/2010 Remarks at Haiti Business Reconstruction Dialogue
04/19/2010 Remarks at the International Economic Development Council 2010 Federal Economic Development Forum, Alexandria, Virginia
04/19/2010 Remarks at Sustainable Manufacturing Tour of Matworks Company with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, Beltsville, Maryland
04/16/2010 Remarks at National Restaurant Association Public Affairs Conference
04/14/2010 Remarks at Solar Turbines, San Diego, California
04/14/2010 Remarks at North American Competitiveness Conference, San Diego, California
04/09/2010 Remarks Announcing EDA Grants in Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
04/08/2010 Remarks at 2010 Census Event, Queens, New York
04/05/2010 Remarks at University of Chicago, National Export Initiative Event, Chicago, Illinois
03/25/2010 Remarks at Democratic Leadership Council, Jobs and Innovation Roundtable
03/23/2010 Remarks on American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Tax Benefits, Minneapolis, Minnesota
03/22/2010 Remarks at Cardinal Health, National Export Initiative Rollout Event, Dublin, Ohio
03/18/2010 Remarks at PhRMA Annual Meeting, Arlington, Virginia
03/17/2010 Remarks at Center for Strategic and International Studies Forum
03/16/2010 Remarks at National League of Cities Congressional City Conference
03/15/2010 Remarks at American Hotel and Lodging Association Summit
02/25/2010 Remarks at "Advocacy Wins" Event, Baltimore, Maryland
02/25/2010 Remarks at "Clustering for 21st Century Prosperity" Event, National Academy of Sciences
02/24/2010 Remarks at R&D Commercialization Forum, National Academy of Sciences
02/22/2010 Remarks at 24th Annual Reservation Economic Summit and American Indian Business, Las Vegas, Nevada
02/19/2010 Remarks at Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia
02/19/2010 Remarks at U.S. Department of Commerce/UPS Partnership Event, Doralville, Georgia
02/18/2010 Remarks Announcing Grants to Improve Broadband Internet Access
02/05/2010 Remarks at Renewable Energy Technology Conference 2010
02/04/2010 National Exports Initiative Remarks
01/28/2010 Remarks at U.S.-China Business Council Annual Forecast Conference
01/21/2010 Introductory Remarks at Visit of First Lady Michelle Obama to the Department of Commerce
01/19/2010 Remarks at Kauffman Foundation, States of Entrepreneurism Address
01/15/2010 Remarks at Alaskan Business Roundtable
01/13/2010 Remarks to Entertainment Industry Officials on Protecting Intellectual Property, Los Angeles, California
01/13/2010 Remarks Announcing Recovery Act Investment to Increase Broadband Access in Los Angeles
01/07/2010 Remarks to the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology