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Private Sector Support for John Bryson's Nomination

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Today, President Obama’s nominee for Commerce Secretary, John Bryson, testified before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation for his nomination to be the next Secretary of Commerce. Below please see some statements of support from business leaders on his nomination.

Business Roundtable: “John Bryson Is A Proven, Well-Respected Executive Who Will Bring His Private Sector Experience To The Commerce Department’s Broad Portfolio.”  “[The] Business Roundtable applauds President Obama’s nomination of John Bryson, a seasoned business leader, to be the next Secretary of Commerce. We fully support the President’s choice and urge swift Senate confirmation. ‘John Bryson is a proven, well-respected executive who will bring his private sector experience to the Commerce Department’s broad portfolio that includes technology, trade, intellectual property and exports, which will be crucial to expanding the economy and creating jobs. We look forward to working with Bryson,’ said Business Roundtable President John Engler.’”

U.S. Chamber Of Commerce: Bryson Has “Extensive Knowledge Of The Private Sector And Years Of Experience Successfully Running A Major Company.”  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s President and CEO Thomas Donohue said, “With his extensive knowledge of the private sector and years of experience successfully running a major company, we hope Mr. Bryson will be a strong voice for American businesses.”

National Association of Manufacturers: Bryson Has “A Strong Business Background…Which Gives Him The Advantage Of Having Exposure To The Difficult Issues Manufacturers Face In Today’s Global Marketplace.”  National Association of Manufacturers President and CEO Jay Timmons said, “Mr. Bryson has a strong business background and serves on the board of many manufacturing companies, which gives him the advantage of having exposure to the difficult issues manufacturers face in today’s global marketplace.”

Ken Duberstein, Chief of Staff to President Reagan (in a Politico op-ed): “John Bryson, President Barack Obama’s nominee for secretary, is the right choice for advocating the initiatives that can expand the economy, encourage private sector jobs, ramp up exports and advocate the pro-growth policies the nation sorely needs…[W]ith his strong business background, John brings an experienced eye to the department’s work — to ensure that taxpayers receive full value for all that commerce employees undertake. In this period of federal spending stress, serious policy makers should welcome reasonable reforms in federal department operations and missions — and I know John is a serious person.”

Edison International: Bryson Was “A Visionary Leader Of Edison International, And We Know That He Will Bring That Same Leadership To The Department Of Commerce.”  Theodore F. Craver Jr. CEO and chairman of Edison International said, “For 18 years, John was a visionary leader of Edison International, and we know that he will bring that same leadership to the Department of Commerce.”

Boeing: “John Bryson’s Global Business Experience And Strong Leadership Skills Are A Great Match For The Position Of Secretary Of Commerce.”  Boeing Chairman, President and CEO Jim McNerney said, “John Bryson’s global business experience and strong leadership skills are a great match for the position of Secretary of Commerce. All of us at Boeing wish him well as he steps into an important role for the nation at a critical time for our economy. We look forward to Senate confirmation of his appointment.”

Disney: Bryson “Is A Proven Leader, With Strong Strategic Vision And Business Savvy, Along With A Keen Grasp Of Policy And Its Impact On The Business Environment.”  Disney president and CEO Robert Iger said, “John has been an incredibly valuable member of our Board, bringing experience and insight to complex issues.  He is a proven leader, with strong strategic vision and business savvy, along with a keen grasp of policy and its impact on the business environment.  It’s an ideal combination for a U.S. Commerce Secretary, one that bodes well for the country’s long-term economic growth and competitiveness.”