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Fact Sheet: Manufacturing in the FY2013 Commerce Budget

National Institute of Standards and Technology

In FY2013 NIST is requesting an increase of $45M or 49% for Advanced Manufacturing research, for a total of $135M. These laboratory efforts are further leveraged with a request of $21M to support the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Consortia Program, and $20M for a NIST Centers of Excellence program.  These programs will strengthen public private partnerships, and accelerate innovation focused on manufacturing and technology development.

The President’s Budget provides $128 million for the Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) to improve the competitiveness of small and medium size firms in manufacturing and service industries through custom consulting and product testing. 

In June 2011, the President announced the Advance Manufacturing Partnership.  The Department of Commerce and in particular, NIST, plays a key role in seeing that the objectives of this government-wide initiative are realized.  The Administration will be proposing legislation that will make $1 billion available through NIST for a competitive grant program to establish a number of regional institutes for manufacturing innovation that will accelerate technological advancements in the manufacturing environment. These regional institutes will form a National Network for Manufacturing Innovation Institutes where researchers, companies, and entrepreneurs can solve problems in pre-commercial technologies that will lead to U.S. leadership in tomorrow’s manufactured goods.

International Trade Administration

The Budget proposes $517 million for the International Trade Administration (ITA), continuing support for the National Export Initiative and the Administration’s goal of doubling U.S. exports by the end of 2014. ITA supports all businesses, but its overwhelming customer base is manufacturers. The ITA budget requests an additional $30 million to strengthen trade promotion by placing Foreign Commercial Service Officers and the equivalent of 90 locally engaged staff in high-growth markets such as China, India, and Brazil. An expansion of these NEI priority markets will enable identification of more export opportunities for U.S. companies, more rapid and timely business counseling, and enhanced commercial diplomacy and advocacy support. 

The ITA budget also includes $13 million for SelectUSA to promote foreign direct investment in the U.S.  SelectUSA makes the Federal government a partner with states and local communities that are competing with overseas locations for major new facility investments by foreign and domestic companies.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) facilitates the generation of innovative and commercially viable processes and products, while protecting the intellectual property rights of the investor. 90% of the patents issued by the USPTO are utility patents, which cover manufactures and compositions like mechanical, chemical, and electronic technologies.  As such, the primary source of patentable inventions and the primary users of patented technology have been and will continue to be manufacturers. The FY 2013 Budget supports full access to fees for USPTO to accelerate patent processing and improve patent quality as outlined in the America Invents Act. 

Economic Development Agency

The President’s Budget provides $220 million for the Economic Development Administration to drive 21st-century development in a dynamic cluster-based approach that moves away from the bricks and mortar models of the past. These clusters of research, investors and manufacturers have immense power to change America’s economic landscape.