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Category: 113th Congress

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01/07/2015 Testimony DOC-NOAA (Wieting 9-9-14) Testimony for HNR hrg on ESA Bills
01/07/2015 Testimony "U.S. Patent and Trademark Office: The America Invents Act and Beyond, Domestic and International Policy Goals"
01/07/2014 Testimony A Factual Look at the Relationship Between Climate and Weather
07/29/2014 Testimony A More Efficient and Effective Government: The National Technical Information Service
05/21/2013 Testimony Advancing Export Control Reform: The Agenda Ahead
02/12/2014 Testimony Aids to Navigation
03/10/2014 Testimony Can Technology Protect Americans from International Cybercriminals?
06/25/2013 Testimony Cyber Threats and Security Solutions
04/16/2013 Testimony Cybersecurity Partnership between the Private Sector and our Government: Protecting our National and Economic Security [Exec Order 13636]
06/25/2013 Testimony Cybersecurity: Preparing for and Responding to the Enduring Threat
06/25/2013 Testimony Data Collection Issues in Relation to the Reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act
05/21/2013 Testimony Defense Production Act
08/02/2013 Testimony Defense Production Act
04/16/2013 Testimony Developments and Opportunities in U.S. Fisheries Management
04/16/2013 Testimony DOC Budget FY 2014
04/16/2013 Testimony DOC Budget FY 2014
01/07/2015 Testimony DOC-NOAA (Robertson 9-8-14) FINAL testimony for HTI Subctte hrg on Chesapeake Bay Agreement
01/07/2015 Letters to Congress Draft Bill Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO)
05/21/2013 Testimony Drought and the Effect of Energy and Water Management Decisions
04/16/2013 Testimony Drought Forecasting, Monitoring and Decision-Making: A Review of the National Integrated Drought Information System
09/26/2013 Testimony Dysfunction in Management of Weather and Climate Satellites
08/30/2013 Testimony Effects of Water Flows on Apalachicola Bay: Short and Long Term Perspectives
04/11/2014 Testimony Endangered Species Act
04/11/2014 Testimony Ensuring the Security, Stability, Resilence and Freedom of the Global Internet
07/11/2013 Testimony Equipping Carriers and Agencies in the Wireless Area
01/07/2015 Testimony Final NOAA FY 14 Budget Testimony (Sullivan) for 4-23-13 Sen Comm Ctte Hearing
02/19/2014 Testimony Fisheries Treaties and Port Measures Agreements
12/23/2013 Testimony Forecasting Success: Achieving U.S. Weather Readiness for the Long Term
05/21/2013 Testimony Foreign Direct Investment and SelectUSA
04/11/2014 Testimony FY 2015 Budget Request