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Category: 111th Congress

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01/23/2012 Testimony Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Strategy and Implications of the Deepwater Horizon Rig Explosion
01/23/2012 Testimony EDA's Progress on ARRA Implementation
01/23/2012 Testimony Interoperability in Public Safety Communications Equipment
01/23/2012 Testimony Combating the BP Oil Spill
01/23/2012 Testimony Research and Technology Needs for Oil Spill Recovery
01/23/2012 Testimony Our Natural Resources at Risk: The Short and Long Term Impacts of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
01/23/2012 Testimony Ocean Science and Data Limits in a Time of Crisis: Do NOAA and Fish and Wildlife Service have the Resources to Respond?
01/23/2012 Testimony Environmental Data and Information Services for the Renewable Energy Industry
01/23/2012 Testimony H.R. 5156, Clean Energy Technology Manufacturing and Export Assistance Act of 2010
01/23/2012 Testimony U.S.-China Economic Relations
01/23/2012 Testimony Setting New Courses for Polar Weather Satellites and Earth Observations
01/23/2012 Testimony Smart Grid Architecture and Standards: Assessing Coordination and Progress
01/23/2012 Testimony Cloud Computing: Benefits and Risks of Moving Federal IT into the Cloud
01/23/2012 Testimony Status and Impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 in Hawaii
01/23/2012 Testimony Marine Wealth: Promoting Conservation and Advancing American Exports
01/23/2012 Testimony The Use of Dispersant for the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
01/11/2012 Testimony Is Brooklyn Being Counted? Problems with the 2010 Census
01/11/2012 Testimony Turning Ideas into Action: Ensuring Effective Clean up and Restoration in the Gulf
01/11/2012 Testimony Lessons from the 2010 Tennessee Flood
01/11/2012 Testimony Transshipment and Diversion: Are U.S. Trading Partners Doing Enough to Prevent the Spread the Dangerous Technologies?
01/11/2012 Testimony Assessing Natural Resource Damage Resulting from the BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster
01/11/2012 Testimony H.R. 3910, the Longline Catcher Processor Subsector Single Fishery Cooperative Act; H.R. 4914, the Coastal Jobs Creation Act of 2010; and H.R. 5180 the National Marine Fisheries Service Ombudsman Act of 2010
01/11/2012 Testimony Use of Dispersant for the Deepwater Horizon BP Oil Spill
01/11/2012 Testimony The Obama Administration's Manufacturing Agenda
01/11/2012 Testimony NOAA's Activities in the Arctic
01/11/2012 Testimony BP Oil Spill: Accounting for the Spilled Oil and Ensuring the Safety of Seafood From the Gulf
01/11/2012 Testimony Understanding the Impact of Drilling Moratorium on the Gulf Coast Economy
01/11/2012 Testimony Minority Contracting Opportunities: Challenges for Current and Future Minority-Owned Businesses
01/11/2012 Testimony Renegotiating the South Pacific Tuna Treaty: Closing Loopholes and Protecting U.S. Interests
01/11/2012 Testimony Electronic Communications Privacy Act: Promoting Security and Protecting Privacy in the Digital Age