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Category: 110th Congress

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01/16/2014 Testimony FY 2008 Budget for BIS
01/16/2014 Testimony ITA's FY 2008 Budget Request
01/16/2014 Testimony U.S. Travel and Tourism
01/16/2014 Testimony U.S. Policy Towards Iran
01/16/2014 Testimony NOAA FY 2008 Budget Request
01/16/2014 Testimony NOAA FY 2008 Budget Request
01/16/2014 Testimony National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)
01/16/2014 Testimony Importance of Patent Reform to Small Businesses
01/16/2014 Testimony Ocean Policy Priorities in the United States
01/16/2014 Testimony Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) report on Climate Change 2007
01/16/2014 Testimony Wildlife and Oceans in a Changing Climate
01/16/2014 Testimony NIST FY 2008 Budget
01/16/2014 Testimony Cybersecurity
01/16/2014 Testimony Renewable Energy Opportunities and Issues on the Outer Continental Shelf
01/16/2014 Testimony 2010 Census
01/16/2014 Testimony H.R. 21, Ocean Conservation, Edcuation and National Strategy for the 21st Century
01/16/2014 Testimony Immigration Overhaul
01/16/2014 Testimony NIST's Role in Voluntary Voting System Guidelines
01/16/2014 Testimony Currency Manipulation and its Effects on U.S. Businesses and Workers
01/29/2013 Testimony Achieving Diversity in the SES Workforce
01/29/2013 Testimony Effects of Climate Change and Ocean Acidification on Living Marine Resources
01/29/2013 Testimony H.R. 2337, the Energy Policy Reform and Revitalization Act of 2007
01/29/2013 Testimony H.R. 1834, the National Ocean Exploration Program Act of 2007 and H.R. 2400, the Ocean and Coastal Mapping Integration Act of 2007
01/29/2013 Testimony Patent Reform: The Future of American Innovation
01/29/2013 Testimony GAO Report on the National Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satelllite System (NPOESS)
01/29/2013 Testimony Hot Fuels - the Impact on Commercial Transactions of the Thermal Expansion of Gasoline
01/29/2013 Testimony Assessing Telework Policies and Initiatives in the Federal Government
01/29/2013 Testimony U.S. Trade Policy and Small Business
01/29/2013 Testimony Role of Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) to Play in the Accuracy of the 2010 Census
01/29/2013 Testimony NOAA's FY 2008 Budget Request