Out Connect: Infrastructure for the 21st Century

“It's the broadband networks beneath us and the wireless signals around us, the local networks in our schools and hospitals and businesses, and the massive grids that power our nation. It's the classified military and intelligence networks that keep us safe, and the World Wide Web that has made us more interconnected than at any time in human history.” — President Barack Obama, Remarks on Securing Our Nation’s Cyber Infrastructure, May 29, 2009 

Infrastructure improves the lives of individuals every day, providing electricity and water, the roads and public transportation, and telecommunications networks. Businesses rely on much of that same infrastructure and cannot compete if they lack efficient ways to connect with other businesses and consumers, whether in the same town or across the globe.

In the past, the United States led the way in key areas of infrastructure development, from the railroad system of the 1800’s to an air transportation system that enabled unprecedented personal mobility and access to global products and services. The United States must still be mindful about the condition of its existing infrastructure, while investing in the infrastructure needs of the future. This part of the report explores the federal role in providing a 21st century infrastructure.  Watch the video below for more, or explore the materials related to this topic on the right.