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Secretary Pritzker Meets With Gaming Industry CEOs in Silicon Valley

Secretary Pritzker visiting Silicon Valley and the Gaming Industry

On Monday, U.S Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker met with various gaming industry CEOs at Electronic Arts in Silicon Valley to learn more about the creative job skills and talent required to maintain American competitiveness, as well as the gaming industry’s overall contribution to the economy. She also toured Electronic Arts and GlassLab. Electronic Arts (EA) is a developer and publisher of computer and video games with several subsidiaries which includes sports role-playing, racing and combat, online communities and original franchises like Tetris, Scrabble and Monopoly. Glasslab is a research and development effort that focuses on educational games and game-based assessment design in the United States.

During the discussion, Secretary Pritzker emphasized the important role that the Department of Commerce plays in creating the conditions that support the growth of the country’s most competitive industries, and empowering private sector companies to out-innovate anyone in the world. She also expressed her desire to learn more about the contributions that the gaming industry has brought to the economy, the jobs it has created, and the ability to remain globally competitive.

The United States gaming industry has enjoyed enormous success over the last decade, and the jobs it supports are now a crucial part of the country’s economic growth. In fact, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) recently produced a 2014 report on video games in the 21st century which measures the economic contributions made by the gaming industry during the period of 2009-2012. According to ESA’s report, the game software publishing industry has employed 42,000 people in 36 states. The report also highlights that U.S total employment, both direct and indirect, that depends on this industry now exceeds 146,000. The value that this industry has added to the U.S GDP is over $6.2 billion.

Some of the participants in this discussion included representatives from Sony Computer Entertainment America, Take-Two Interactive, Microsoft’s HALO Enterprise, and the MacArthur Foundation, among other professionals in the gaming industry.

In addition, Secretary Pritzker stressed that the Department of Commerce has made job-driven training initiatives a priority for the first time, and it is committed to scaling up successful models like the one the gaming industry has.

The Secretary concluded the meeting by discussing the U.S. government’s commitment to promoting economic and social entrepreneurship around the world. In November, this commitment will be reaffirmed in Morocco at the 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Summit, which will bring together over 3000 entrepreneurs, together with heads of state, high level government officials, global entrepreneurs, small medium enterprises (SMEs), corporate leaders, and young entrepreneurs.

The site visits to Electronic Arts and GlassLab were a part of a day-long trip to Silicon Valley, where some of the most cutting-edge technology and innovation is taking place in the U.S. Promoting innovation is a key pillar of the Department’s "Open for Business Agenda," as it is the key driver of U.S. competitiveness, wage and job growth, and long-term economic growth.

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