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Rapiscan Hopes to Facilitate Trade and Enhance Security in Latin America

Peter Kant, President, Rapiscan Americas

Guest post by Peter Kant, President, Rapiscan Americas

ED Note: Rapiscan Systems is the largest US manufacturer and supplier of security inspection systems and services.  Rapiscan specializes in airport, cargo and major event security systems and provides high-technology security scanners and scanning operational services.

Rapiscan is honored and excited to join Acting U.S. Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank on the infrastructure trade mission to Brazil, Panama and Colombia next week. Having participated in trade missions in the past, we have always found these opportunities to be extremely beneficial and, given the mission’s focus on infrastructure, I’m sure this one will prove to be no different.

Rapiscan is focused on expanding our efforts extensively in the Latin American market. Brazil’s economy is growing at a rate second to only China, providing ample opportunities for partnerships and trade with U.S. companies. Given the numerous events Brazil will be hosting over the coming years–including the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics–security is a concern, something we hope to discuss next week. Rapiscan will actually have the opportunity to secure some of the stadiums in Brazil that will be used for the FIFA Confederations Cup next month – the same stadiums that will later be used for the World Cup.

To help support the Brazilian market and these upcoming events we recently introduced our Brazilian branch, Rapiscan do Brazil. Brazil is undergoing massive infrastructure growth, from seaports to airports, and we are currently providing cargo and vehicle scanning solutions for Embraport–the largest private port in Brazil.  As part of the trade mission, we look forward to meeting with Brazilian representatives next week to discuss other ways Rapiscan may be able to assist Brazil in their aggressive infrastructure expansion.

We also hope to take full advantage of the Colombia and Panama portions of the trip. Recently, both Colombia and Panama signed free trade agreements with the U.S., and under these agreements, we are likely to see trade increase–increasing the need for scanning cargo and securing the aviation sector. Whether the trade is done through air or by sea security and customs inspections are critical to facilitating commerce. Rapiscan plans to meet with Latin American officials to discuss potential security options. Additionally, as the expansion of the Panama Canal takes shape, Rapiscan is excited to potentially help secure the new ports that will be created.

We look forward to the trip and the opportunity to work with the other delegates and our Latin American counterparts to create new opportunities and relationships. Together, we can forge ties to that will benefit both the U.S. and Latin America.

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