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Department of Commerce Conducting Time and Travel Survey

Recently, you may have received a letter from the Department of Commerce with a set of questions called the Time and Travel Survey. This important survey is part of a larger study of how people spend their time and their business and leisure travel.

We are now conducting the first stage of this scientific study. For the results to be most useful, we are asking all households who receive this short questionnaire to complete it and send it back. Your input is important because the Department of Commerce will use it to assist a number of state and federal agencies in making decisions about how to manage resources. Your answers are voluntary and will be kept confidential to the fullest extent of the law. Your answers will be used for statistical purposes only in accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974.

We may select someone from your household to ask them some additional questions. Thank you again for your help in this important study.

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Time and Travel Survey

What a waste of my time and govt. resources. It appeared bogus to me when I received it the first time and I could not find anything about it on the Dept. website. Finally I see something was posted on July 16 about it. It appears to be more of a survey for follow-up to sell time-shares at the coast - sure hope I don't start getting a bunch of phone calls and junk mail related to travel.

We take your personal information very seriously

This is an important survey about the economic activity of Americans. We take your personal information very seriously. Your information is never shared with any 3rd party source or vendor. You will not get on any third party (junk) mailing lists because of your participation in this survey.

commerce survey

I was wondering if the survey is legit or a scam by con artists to get personal information.

If it matches the information in the blog it is our survey.

We appreciate your concern about your personal information. If the survey matches the blog then it is ours.

Yeah. I , too, thought it was

Yeah. I , too, thought it was bogus. I had to look on the website before sending it back. It appeared to be some kind of scam to me. There are too many con artists out there and you never know what they will think of next to get at our personal info!