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On the Two-Year Anniversary of the National Export Initiative Successes Abound

National Export Initiative

Guest blog post by Commerce Secretary John Bryson

Today marks the two-year anniversary of the signing of the Executive Order creating the National Export Initiative (NEI), when President Obama set the ambitious goal of doubling U.S. exports over five years.

To mark this anniversary, we released new data today showing that jobs supported by U.S. exports increased by 1.2 million between 2009 and 2011. Building on strong growth in 2010, exports supported approximately 9.7 million jobs in 2011 and the value of U.S. exports of goods and services exceeded $2.1 trillion for the first time in U.S. history.

This new data further confirms the good news that exports support an increasing number of American jobs. At the same time, it is also a reminder that we cannot afford to let up on our efforts to help U.S. businesses build it here and sell it everywhere. We must maintain the track record of the past two years and intensify our support of U.S. companies in selling their goods to the 95 percent of the world’s consumers who live beyond our borders by helping to create opportunities and a level playing field. We know that when American businesses and workers get a fair shot, they can compete and they can win.

For example, satellite supplier Orbital Sciences Corp., located in Dulles, VA, and launch services supplier Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX), located in Hawthorne, CA, received U.S. Commercial Service support in their respective bids to supply a satellite and launch services for a Thai government project. The Thai Ministry of Information & Communication Technology approved the satellite project for Orbital and SpaceX in May 2011. According to the companies, the $160 million project will support 400 jobs at Orbital’s headquarters in Virginia and 4,200 jobs at the California and Texas facilities of SpaceX.

Also, the U.S. Commercial Service and U.S. Embassy in Bahrain successfully advocated for Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company, LLC, to provide dredging and land reclamation services to the Bahraini Ministry of Housing for the East Hidd Housing Development project. The final project included $51 million in U.S. export content and supported 280 U.S. jobs.

Efforts to expand markets for American businesses include the U.S.-Korea Trade Agreement that will enter into force this week, just three days from now. That agreement is expected to increase U.S. exports by approximately $11 billion and will support tens of thousands of American jobs. It will open up Korea’s $1 trillion economy for America’s workers and businesses.

Our press release has an even longer list of successful steps the U.S. Department of Commerce has taken to help U.S. companies export globally and create jobs locally. And if you need a quick review of the last two years of the National Export Initiative, here is a short video to get you up to speed.

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The constant rising overhead price of doing business in the US.

Today it is great to hear that the executive emergence order is starting to work. That is a great thing. However, in reality we are sacrificing our defenses for economy. For example, your statement that the US has double exports is in reality without doubt it has also doubled imports. As when the US seems to open trade with foreign countries. It is usually the foreign country earning the balance of payments in foreign treasury. Which then still leaves the US in stagflation. However, it is just a bigger number of stagflation. The idea that the US export initiative is working is but a cloud over the real problem. The real problem is the US's GDP to trade ratio. Which is still around 25-35% equatable. As every time the US goes and does business we feel have to import more from a country than we export. This is a problem. As most countries that have a normalized economy have about a 75% GDP to trade ratio. Which means their economy is primarily based on trade. Where in the US the reality is we are still heavily based on services and stagflation. Where the US's trade is so horrible imbalanced that it does not matter of we where to double our trade, as we are tripled in back debt and balance of payments, we are last in the world. Therefore, I am glad to hear this. Yet, I find the real article should have been, for a professional economic article writer. That the US has finally gained a substantial share of GDP to Trade ratio. Where the US is taken in more trade balance foreign currency than we are putting out in the world. As currently the US imports way more than it exports. Thus leaving us in a horrible trade deficit. As service jobs here in the US when we import are jobs. However, they are stagflation economic equation.

Stagflation means that the service jobs we gain from imports are not helping pay of our macro economy deficit. As the service jobs are not bringing in any foreign currency or treasury and the US is showing no value to the world. Therefore, the idea of exports imitativeness as you stated has come with the cost of allowing free trade with countries that are seriously going to dump on our economy. Thus meaning that the exports initiative is doubled out and crossed out and placed back on the stagflation economic equations. As such, the President in reality as not having a proper macro economic advisers has just done more harm than good with this trade policies of forcing a free trade agreements. So the US can get a small amount of exports compared to the massive amount of imports we are going to have to taken on due to unfair overhead costs.
The overhead costs of today that are causing this stagflation. In which in a free trade agreement force the US into a negative balance of payments. Is in reality because of economic terrorist. Today we see folks like Secretary Chu, stating he wishes to force gas prices to go higher in the US and EU. When the EU has had gasoline prices at ~$10 for over a decade, and the US seriously needs a competitive overhead price to get out of the last place balance of payments and deficit issue. Along with that then we get folks like Commerce Secretary Gary Locke who allowed 80% of our green tech stimulus to be drained from the US under his orders and watchful eyes. Not to mention because of the major lack of ability to gain a surplus in foreign treasury through trade of exports as per trade of imports balances. The US is having to raise its cost of utilities and taxes to upgrade our systems of natural civilized overhead.

Gasoline is one of the most important overhead issues the US has. As the whole supply lines of the US are based on it. If you where a foreign espionage agent, or a sympathetic agent to a foreign country wishing to take over our economy. The main thing you would want to do is to drive up the cost of fuel. As per Kevin Freeman's Secret Weapons. This is exactly what the Communist Muslim mercs are doing, along with Communist China and Russia. This is because of course they wish to keep our trade competition down so they can trade more. As in history trade routes are what take over the world's cognitional and trending balance of clout. Therefore, we can see that gas as the main supply root economic factor is a major issue. Over the last four years thanks to failed DOE policies we have seen the price of Gas rise from $2 a gallon all the way up to $5 a gallon. When the economy as it is constantly going deeper and deeper into debt needs gas to stabilize at a low cost so our business and our supply lines can have a low competitive overhead cost. So we can change our balance of export import payments from negative to positive. As other major competitors in the world, like the Communist Chinese and the Middle east get gas at the cost of about $.65 -$1. This is a major issue. However, the constant rising cost of gas has cost the US to lose export import balance of payments. Which the US keeps making worse. The main reason for this is an ideological perspective that if Secretary Chu drives up the price of gas. That we will move to better fuel systems and a variety of gas. The problem is that, that is like going from hoarses to cars. Cars did not catch for almost three decades from the time they where created. Even then the supply lines of gas and necessary issues to allow the US to have a normalized route system took just as long to catch up. Currently today in the world of macro economics. We do not have the protected economy as did in late 1800's. This means that the US does not have the niceness to force the price of hay and taxes on hoarse to go sky high to push folks into cars. In analogically today. We see the issue with gas being the hay. As such, the reality is that gas is hear for a long time, until we can get the proper supply line routes up for the new type of supply line overhead. Thus meaning the idea of forced price increase is like shooting our economy in the head. As it is not good for the macro whole of the economy. While it could slowly go into affect as gas stays low, as folks will still want to buy cars with better MPG even at $2 a gallon.

Then we get to fact that even if Chu was working on a project to help the US update our supply lines with new energy initiatives. Him Gary Locke and the Contracts Secretary all worked together to allow 80% of our green tech stimulus to be drained from the US. While the Communist Chinese subsidized their green tech industry with over 300 billion. The US barely spent 2.8 billion. Which 80% of that was sent over seas with our companies. While the remaining companies where completely destroyed from non competitive competition with Communist State Owned Enterprises. This then means, that the US as per Secretary Chu's policy to force seizure of our supply lines and cause major stops and crimps and raise hell of high overhead supply costs. Will also lead to a further decrease in the US ability to pay for its deficit. As the main supply lines he is pushing for. Will come from Communist China. This means even if they create their cars here. The majority of the earned surplus income will be going back to Communist China. While the stagflation economic equation will be staying here, as the fresh dollars we could have been making with exports in that industry are going to be collected purely by the Communist Chinese. As today, the majority of the US car companies and other supply line companies that wanted to trade with Communist China. As per Gary Locke and Secretary Chu allowed, used innovation laws to force seizure of all of our green tech US ideas. Thus, then they used 16 Cartelled SOE's to create a major stock pile of supply lines like trucks cars and other issues. In which they are waiting for Secretary Chu to make the cost of gas so high that the US will have no choice but to turn to them for cheap supply lines to try and spread through the US to compete with international needs of low cost supply lines.

This horrible economic leadership of allowing the US to constantly lose its balance of payments in trade. Has another affect. Which is the affect of another major overhead issue of US business. Which is called utilities. In the last four years. The US has seen over three major hikes in all of our utilities. As the utility companies are tasked with major updates and forced bonds are taken out against future tax dollars of the US. This then means that the cost of doing business as per the supply line and as per the utilities has tripled over the last four years. Thus, we see that sure exports may have risen. But that is because our populational needs have risen. However, the US's ability to pay its balance of payments has not risen. Therefore, the macro economic policy is a failure and this article is but a bandaid on the real issue of our deficit and ability to compete with overhead costs for our business in the US to export to major economies like South Korea, Communist China, Africa, and Latin America. Where the US has seen the Communist Chinese substantial growth in trade. While the US cold war policies of trade for trade tit for tat against the Communist Party has become the idea that the Communist Chinese can do it. The US should stay out of it while the Communist Chinese develop the world. Which again the issue of who holds the monopoly supply lines in international economies along with development contracts. Is not the US, and it is the Communist Chinese due to horrible macro economic policies, that do not realize the issue is not exports but the issue is the balance of payments and our strength to compete against a fascist economic model, that is exactly similar to the German Socialist, Soviets and the majority of fascist economies like Iran and North Korea.

Rider I

Leverage the Internet to Increase Exports

The Commerce Department should oblige US e-commerce sites of certain sizes (or incentivize them) to make their website user interface and user experience "export friendly"; currently too many sites have forms which do not allow for foreign consumers to purchase because of US-only telephone digit formats and other differences.

Some sites simply do not allow foreign based consumer purchasers, redirecting them to foreign (higher priced) distribution channels.

The following post explains the problem (and the opportunity) more detail:

Build exports

Good NEWS. We need to enlarge our export ability.
We need to urgently reduce our horrible dependence on foreign oil,
The trade deficit needs to be reduced from the present level.
Margarite Cortez