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National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration: All Yours for Five Cents a Day

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Science plays a pivotal role in our lives every day, stimulating the economy, creating new jobs and improving the health and security of Americans.

And at NOAA all things start — and end — with science. It is the foundation of our work and of the value the agency brings to the American people.

What kind of value are we talking about, in real terms?

For less than 5 cents a day per person, NOAA puts science to work for all Americans by providing essential services such as …

  • Severe weather forecasting, warnings and research;
  • Disaster preparedness, oil spill response and habitat restoration;
  • Seafood safety testing and satellite-aided search and rescue; and
  • Ensuring sustainable fisheries, healthy oceans and resilient coastal communities.

When you consider the portfolio of services, stewardship and information NOAA provides people — decision-makers, emergency managers, fishermen, businesses, state/tribal/local governments and the general public — 5 cents a day has never gone further.  

This is especially true in a struggling economy where you might get a nickel for your thoughts, but not much more. It’s a small price to pay toward innovative, science-based solutions for a sustainable future — one that will support our children, grandchildren and generations thereafter.

Here's a snapshot of some of the products NOAA provided to Americans last year:

40,465 warnings for severe weather issued by 122 weather forecast offices across the country

More than 70,000 acres of habitat restored

More than 2,500 sq. nautical miles of navigationally significant waterways were surveyed and 1,000+ nautical charts were updated to keep marine commerce moving

Responded to approximately 120 oil and chemical spills including the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Americans rely on NOAA science, services and stewardship to keep their families safe, their communities thriving, and their businesses strong.

NOAA’s work is everyone’s business.

Learn more about how NOAA is putting your 5 cents to work for you.

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