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Resources for Manufacturers - A Month in Review

All month long, highlighted programs, resources and efforts made to help American manufacturers grow faster and become more competitive. Why? Because the manufacturing sector has been a main driver of the economic recovery over the past two years, with over 230,000 jobs added since the beginning of 2010. The manufacturing sector currently employs over 11 million Americans, providing good-paying jobs for millions of families and serving as the backbone of communities across the country – a brighter future for American manufacturers will mean a brighter future for the American economy.

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Economic Development

The United States has always been and continues to be a large importer of foreign goods in an effort to promote free trade with many other industrialized and developing nations. While this has been great for the manufacturing sectors in those countries, it has not done much for U.S manufacturing output.

In this time of economic downturn and high domestic unemployment, I believe the U.S must now call on those trading partners to increase their imports of U.S manufactured goods. For example, we need to see more U.S made cars in nations like Japan, Germany, and South Korea, instead of just seeing cars made in those countries in the United States. There needs to be a more equitable balance of trade between the U.S and these nations. This will lead to increased U.S manufacturing, more job creation, and begin the path to a speedier economic recovery.