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Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee Releases 2011 National Export Strategy: Powering the National Export Initiative to Congress

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, on behalf of the Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee, today released to Congress the 2011 National Export Strategy: Powering the National Export Initiative (PDF). The report reinforces the importance of U.S. exports of goods and services, which in 2010 totaled $1.84 trillion, an increase of nearly 17% over 2009 levels, and supported more than 9 million jobs in the United States.

Starting with this report, the annual National Export Strategy will fill the essential role of tracking and measuring the federal government’s progress in implementing the NEI. The TPCC will assess new opportunities and seek new ways for its agencies to improve coordination and increase effectiveness.  The National Export Strategy identifies the four areas of focus during 2011:

  • Collaborating with states, metropolitan areas, and border communities to help U.S. companies successfully export around the globe;
  • Encouraging exports by U.S. companies selling technologies in high-growth sectors;
  • Ensuring better data and measurement of U.S. services sector exporting; and
  • Removing barriers to trade, including through passage of the South Korea, Colombia and Panama trade agreements.

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Export of Services

As a U.S. firm providing architectural services abroad we have never benefitted from any initiatives from the commerce department. Over the past twenty years we have contacted the commercial attaches where we have an office or where we were competing for a contract but all efforts were in vein.

Commerce should realize the value of architectural service contracts and make even a small effort to promote service-firms. In the past, we have employed dozens of high-paying architects and awarded contracts to U.S. consulting firms, actions that undoubtly had a positive economic ripple effect.

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Export Initiative


I work for a Freight Forwarding Company in Ohio and would like to know how my company would be able to assist in the actual Exporting process for various shippers within OH and PA.

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