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NOAA: Earth Had 13th-Warmest March on Record

Graphic of March temperatures

The Earth experienced the 13th-warmest March since record keeping began in 1880, as the climate phenomenon La Niña continued to be a significant factor. The annual maximum Arctic sea ice extent was reached on March 7 and tied with 2006 as the smallest annual maximum extent since record keeping began in 1979. The monthly analysis is from NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C. 

Scientists, researchers and leaders in government and industry use NOAA’s monthly analyses to help track trends and other changes in the world's climate. This climate service has a wide range of practical uses, from helping farmers know what and when to plant, to guiding resource managers with critical decisions about water, energy and other vital assets.  Read more of today's report

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please add weather for the whole North America region!

Dear NOAA, why do you not have the weather maps shown in Canada? I does not make any sence as the weather comes from canada down. Is Canada at war with USA?it is so frustrating to see in this century we still divide Canada and USA. We have troups that work together why not the weather?


The science is in -- if we do not begin NOW to reduce the carbon dioxide and fossil fuel emissions -- we will have turned this exquisite planet into one of the rungs of dante's Inferno before the end of the century.

It is in our power to make the necessary changes -- Is it in the best interest of the corporations that manipulate the government and the media? It is time for a major return to the high minded desires of our enlightened founding individual -- they managed to prevail
over the corporate power of their day --- King George -- We will as well over the Greed that puts our America and our world at risk.