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Easter Egg on to Celebrate April's Arrival

Basket of Easter Eggs

To celebrate the first day of April, has a hidden Easter egg. Uncovering this surprise shouldn’t be too hard for anyone who played Contra on the original NES. (hint: up, up, down, down…)

Because our website is built upon the open-source platform Drupal, we are able to take advantage of the work of others to improve our website like our photo slideshow and commenting features at no cost to taxpayers. That even includes whimsical “improvements” like today’s Easter Egg. We used this Drupal module (warning: spoiler) to implement the game JavaScript.

The Easter egg code works on any page, so take a tour while you are playing the game.

The Easter egg will only be available on Friday, April 1, so start looking for that Easter egg now.

Let us know your high score in the comments and what you'd like to see more of on

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found out too late...

I really wanted to try it...

Sorry...a little too late

This Easter egg was only for April Fools' Day. Sorry you missed it. If you want to try it somewhere else, I recommend you search for "Konami Code websites."


It helps to find a page like the Blog page, which has lots of targets :)

- Paul Kittredge




I feel like an idiot! I can't find it! I guess I just have to find it when I get home tonight.

I really like this fun idea. Hope you do more of this kind of thing.

Fun at Work!

Thanks for adding some levity to the Federal Government Workplace. Sometimes I think we take ourselves evern more seriously than our work.

I've been waiting all day for my April Fool's trick.

My Score


Oh, I wish I thought it were

Oh, I wish I thought it were fun. I wish I had any idea what to do after launching the game. I hope there are lots of people who enjoy this. I'm just feeling left out. Have a nice day. :|


Scored 1980.


1900! oh yeah!

easter egg

1850 high score

I got 2010!

I got 2010!

I am amused, slow day at work


i got 1600. This is why i

i got 1600.

This is why i love open gov.

How do you kill the youtube video?!?

4000 points. #winning

Some items are immune apparently

Well done with 4000 points. There do appear to be limits to the fun game because some things appear immune even if you shoot it a bunch of times. Sorry. We recommend you choose another page to try to improve your score.

I got it!

I got the YouTube icon. Don't ask me how.


I got 2750! This is great...thank you Secretary Locke!

Circa 1986

So much fun! Thanks!
*My score is too low to mention :)

So awesome!

Your support of drupal is inspired. Thank you!


Lots of fun! Thanks, Feds! :)


Woohoo! This was awesome!


Wow! Who could have guessed the fricken Commerce Department would have such a great sense of humor! Great work guys!


4070! That is awesome. Best way to fight the man: blow up their website. Thanks for the egg.


Nice! 3870!



Thanks Guys

It's nice to see some friendly fun coming from the government. Keep it up!


Good thing I didn't try this at work!

Score of 3590--not bad for my very first time!


How do you get this to work????