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Secretary Locke Kicks Off 'Compete to Win' Address Series in Columbus

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke traveled to Columbus, OH, today to deliver the keynote address at the 2011 Columbus Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting.  This event launches Locke’s “Compete to Win” address series – an ongoing outreach effort to Chambers of Commerce across the country in which Locke will listen to the ideas and concerns of members of the business community and highlight Obama administration economic policies that are designed to spur growth and support job creation.

During his address, Locke highlighted President Obama’s plans to strengthen the economic recovery, create jobs, help businesses succeed, and position America to win the future by out-innovating, out-educating and out-building our global competition.  He specifically discussed the administration’s focus on infrastructure and research and development investments, tax code reform and export promotion as top priorities that will help American businesses become more innovative, more competitive and more successful.  Locke also talked about Columbus’ own regional economic development strategy, Columbus2020!, and how administration policies will support and complement this initiative.   
Locke is scheduled to address the Dallas Regional Chamber on March 8 and the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce on April 12.  Remarks

Locke with microphone Locke on stage with two large projection screens on either side Locke with microphone

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Great Presentation

I loved the presentation Gary gave. I truly believe that connecting American businesses with American people through social media and social networking will help strengthen the economy and bring small businesses back on their feet. Great job organizing to the CCC!
Matt Erney
The Social Firm

Made in America

Gary -

Do we have / can Commerce create an 'official' "Made in America" logo to be affixed to products that meet a domestic content standard? It would be great and retailers (B 2 C) and business marketers (B 2 B) could create special promotions, sales, displays, trade shows, and promo-tie-ins to incent and reward buyers who purchase "made in America" products?

Could Commerce work with congress and the IRS to create special Investment Tax Credits or other incentives to reward companies who create jobs by driving demand for Made in America products?

For those who think we should "cooperate with global trading partners" - and as a historical note, in the 1980s, companies paid a lower import duty on parts and sub-assemblies than on finished goods. One of my companies bought Japanese and Korean vehicles / parts that were 'unfinished' and assembled them in Tacoma - creating more than 100 living wage jobs.

Can you do something similar?

BTW - we had fun together in China in 2007, and playing golf when you were with DWT!

Strength and Honor,

John Anderson
6 Sigma Group
Tacoma, WA

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