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High-Technology Trade Mission To India with Secretary Locke and 24 U.S. Companies Kicks Off

Today, Secretary Locke kicked off a high-technology trade mission in New Delhi to promote exports of leading U.S. technologies and services related to civil nuclear energy, civil aviation, defense and homeland security, and information and communications technology. The mission will continue through February 11, and also make stops in Bangalore and Mumbai. 

His first stop was at a neighborhood grocery store in New Delhi that is using technology developed by a U.S. company to market its products, manage its customers and organize its business operations.  Intuit, based in Mountain View, Calif., created “GoConnect,” a new innovative mobile and web-based marketing service that is helping Indian micro and small businesses grow and improve the way they communicate with their customers. Intuit’s new application was first announced during the President Obama’s visit to India.

"Intuit's GoConnect technology is a prime example of the kind of mutually beneficial trade that creates jobs in both countries, creating opportunities from the Intuit offices in Northern California to a neighborhood grocery store in the streets of New Delhi," said Secretary Locke. "We look forward to finding more commercial opportunities like these during this trade mission."

GoConnect was developed in both India and the U.S. The data is hosted in Intuit's data center in Quincy, Washington. 

While in New Delhi, Locke will be delivering the keynote address at the Confederation of Indian Industry and holding a series of bilateral meetings with Indian government officials, before heading to Bangalore for the second stop of his trip.

The pace of trade between the United States and India is accelerating.  Between 2002 and 2009, U.S. goods exports to India quadrupled, growing from $4.1 billion to more than $16.4 billion.  Through the first eleven months of 2010, U.S. merchandise exports to India totaled $17.6 billion, up 17 percent from the same period in 2009.  With economic growth estimates at about 9.7 percent in 2010, India is a key market for the Obama Administration’s National Export Initiative, which aims to double U.S. exports in five years.

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Secretary Locke Hears From a Small Business Owner About the GoConnect Application Secretary Locke with a local grocery store owner who is staying organized with Intuit’s GoConnect System Secretary Locke Poses with the GoConnect System Developed by Intuit in America and India for Indian Customers

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CII Trade Mission Sec. Locke Big mis-step

I do not see how this technology trade mission benefits and supports the people of the United States. Corporate interests may be served, but the base of the American economy is being dis-serviced by seeking foreign markets for investment, while our national economy is not first fully funded by private United States of America investment.
We do not need our government draping flags over American corporate interests, we need private corporate investment into the United States.
When we as a nation are funded, and the whole of the people are working then go out and find extended markets to sell our surplus.
Our "trade partners" have been and will continue to steal our ideas and reproducing our products for generations. Why should they stop, the profits they will reap over the time it takes to litigate a claim will more than make up for the litigation costs and the gain to the U.S. economy will be never be recovered.