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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Web Chat with Commerce Secretary Gary Locke

This afternoon, Secretary Locke participated in a live, online web chat hosted by the White House as part of its “Open for Questions” series to help commemorate National Entrepreneurship Week. Questions were submitted through the Fast Company website and the White House blog, and discussion focused on the administration's role in promoting innovation-based, high-growth entrepreneurship.

Watch this video and many others on the White House video page.

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Invention help

I am an ordinary citizen trying to introduce a new concept for automotive engines that would significantly reduce fuel consumption. I have contacted three major companies to propose my idea, but of course, they all require a patent on the idea first. I appreciate this, and realize why this is this way, for my protection and possible compensation, but here's my delimma. I can't afford the patent. I have sought investors and grants, but I do not know how to achieve the funding. I have not disclosed what the idea is, that is not the problem. I do have over thirty years experience in engines, I am certain that this idea will produce favorable results. But how do I get it in front of people that matter and can use it without so much money from me up front? Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and assistance.

I suggest that you contact because they will be able to help you get started and point you in the right direction for where to submit your patent application.

How come If can not get dsl

How come If can not get dsl or cable internet, I do not quailify for the recovery act funds. Hughesnet is just terrible and slow I could not even watch the vidio because its too slow and expensive about $80.00 per month, and they over sell their bandwith so they punish you if you use it too much (which is very little). it takes 20 minutes to download what it would take 2 minutes on dsl. Search hughesnet complaints and you will see I am not the only one.