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Secretary Locke Announces Board of Directors for New Corporation for Travel Promotion

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke today appointed 11 travel and tourism industry leaders to serve on the Corporation for Travel Promotion (CTP) Board of Directors. The CTP is a new non-profit corporation that will promote travel to the United States and communicate and improve the entry process so that visitors want to return.

The Corporation will help enhance the competitiveness of an already robust industry, which supports more than 8 million American jobs and is a critical source of export strength. Many other nations operate ministries of tourism that actively market their countries as tourist destinations around the world. The Corporation will help get America into the game and encourage people across the globe to travel to the U.S.  

“We are extremely pleased to join with this diverse group of talented travel and tourism industry leaders as we work together to strengthen this important sector of the U.S. economy,” Locke said. “President Obama recognizes the critical role that attracting international visitors to the United States plays in creating jobs and growing our economy.”

The CTP and its efforts to promote America as a travel destination will be funded by private donations and matching funds from a new fee collected from foreign travelers to the U.S.

The CTP Board of Directors represents various regions of the United States and each member has expertise and experience in specific sectors of the travel and tourism industry.  See the full release

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Corporation for Travel Promotion

The formation of the Corporation for Travel Promotion and the announcement of the Board of Directors is fantastic news. In promoting US tourism, don't forget professional and scientific meetings. The entry process needs to be improved for professionals and scientists attending international meetings in the US.

What About the Small Guy?

I remember when the government was all about the small business, the same small business where innovation and creativity comes from. When was the last time a major travel organization contributed to the greater good of the economy with technology? When did they ever have an original idea?

As a small business owner and one that received a grant from the dept of commerce to develop technology to support the distribution of goods and services within the travel industry, I am extremely disappointed with the constant furthering of the same old corporate guys that got us absolutely nowhere and are only looking at holding the small guy down. This is not a perception but it is a historical fact the big business doesn't want the SMALL guy to come up with innovative ideas because it will only hurt them, while no furthering the greater good.

Wayne W. Beaubien
e-destinACCESS, Inc.

This non-American is staying away

You can run all the slick ads showing Graceland, Disney World and Sunset Boulevard -- I'm not traveling to the U.S.

Between your full body scanning machines and "enhanced pat downs", I'm not going to spend a nickel to undergo such humiliating treatment at the hands of pro-fascist totalitarians.

"But the terrorists!" you screech. "Security!"


Michael Chertoff sold you on those lousy, unproven scanners -- for which the TSA won't release the full health impact studies.

And what about that poor teenager who apparently stowed away on an N.C. to Boston flight?

Where's the security there, that a distraut teenager could gain access not only to a supposedly secured area, but could approach and stowaway on the plane?

My family and I must either be photographed naked or be groped by your TSA in order to visit Disney World?

Forget it.

So, roll out the ads. Give some agency a fat contract.

I don't care if your ads are written by George Bernard Shaw and shot by Akira Kurosawa -- I refuse to subject myself and my family to a totalitarian regime. End of story.