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Secretary Locke Announces ARRA Grants to Expand Broadband Internet Access and Expand Economic Growth

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U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke announced 23 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) investments to help bridge the technological divide, boost economic growth, create jobs and improve education and healthcare cross the country. The grants will increase broadband access and adoption in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin and West Virginia. (More)

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Who is the watchdog over this project?

I just moved to a rural community in TN, broadband service through NCTC. NCTC received over 25 million in broadband stimulus funds from taxpayers monies. I was told I would be on a waiting list for a port to open and the service would only be 512k download and less upload.

YET ... NCTC advertises this (this is where my federal tax money went to - online gamers):

July 2010
Playing Games On the Internet Is the New Family Activity And NCTC Has the Speed
You Need To Do It

Introducing 6 Mb/2 Mb and 12 Mb/2 Mb

Our online gamers can now get everything they need to play games online:
• A great download speed (either 6 Mb or 12 Mb)
• The highest upload speed you can get anywhere (2 Mb)
• A wireless modem free for the first year* (great for gaming consoles).
Upgrade or sign up for 12Mb/2Mb or 6Mb/2Mb High Speed Internet from NCTC and get
a wireless modem free for the first year.*

*Must sign up or upgrade before Aug 31, 2010. Speeds not available in all areas.
Some restrictions may apply. Modem is the property of NCTC and must be returned
upon discontinuation of the service. If the customer wishes to keep modem after
first year, $2/month will be added to their NCTC bill."

Who is the watchdog over this project?