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Setting the Stage

The U.S. economy was preeminent in the 20th century: the largest, most productive, and most competitive in the world.  New products were invented and sold, the workforce was the most educated in the world, and soaring incomes supported a large and thriving middle class. 

Today, the U.S. economy remains the largest in the world.  However, the United States has arrived at an important moment with regard to its competitive future; the country is now faced with the tremendous opportunities and challenges of competing in an increasingly interconnected world.  U.S. citizens have been hit by stagnating job growth and falling incomes, while businesses have faced increasing global competition.

This report starts by exploring some areas of concern, and by taking a look at how the United States has made key investments in the past to support competitiveness and innovation.  Learn more by watching the video below, or go straight to the materials on this topic located on your right.