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Moving Forward

Throughout its history, the United States has faced numerous challenges that have threatened its economic growth and prosperity. The United States always has been able to meet and overcome these challenges, and in so doing, increase the standard of living of its citizens.

This part of the report explores some of the policy tools that will allow the United States to address and meet the challenges it faces today. 

This seection provides more information on the following ten key policy proposals:

1. Continue to increase and sustain government funding for basic research 

2. Enhance and extend the R&D tax credit

3. Speed the movement of ideas from basic science labs to commercial application

4. Address STEM shortcomings

5. Increase spectrum for wireless communications

6. Increase access to data to help spur innovation

7. Coordinate federal support for manufacturing

8. Continue and strengthen efforts to foster regional clusters and entrepreneurship

9. Promote America's exports and improve access to foreign markets

10. Ensure that the conditions exist in which private enterprise can thrive

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