Sample Federal Register Notice

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Here is a good example of a FAC recruitment notice published in the Federal Register.

The notice provides the public with information on what the FAC is established to do, how members are appointed and cleared, what expertise is sought in potential members, and the method for interested parties to respond.

When drafting a notice of recruitment, be sure that you ask interested parties to submit information that you will need to move through the selection and clearance process should they be identified as a potential member.


Federal Register / Vol. 75, No. 196 / Tuesday, October 12, 2010 / Notices       62509


Bureau of Industry and Security

Technical Advisory Committees;

Notice of Recruitment of Private-Sector


SUMMARY: Seven Technical Advisory

Committees (TACs) advise the

Department of Commerce on the

technical parameters for export controls

applicable to dual-use commodities and

technology and on the administration of

those controls. The TACs are composed

of representatives from industry

representatives, academic leaders and

U.S. Government representing diverse

points of view on the concerns of the

exporting community. Industry

representatives are selected from firms

producing a broad range of goods,

technologies, and software presently

controlled for national security,


foreign policy, and short

supply reasons or that are proposed for

such controls, balanced to the extent

possible among large and small firms.

TAC members are appointed by the

Secretary of Commerce and serve terms

of not more than four consecutive years.

The membership reflects the

Department’s commitment to attaining

balance and diversity. TAC members

must obtain secret-level clearances prior

to appointment. These clearances are

necessary so that members may be

permitted access to the classified

information needed to formulate

recommendations to the Department of

Commerce. Each TAC meets

approximately four times per year.

Members of the Committees will not be

compensated for their services.

The seven TACs are responsible for

advising the Department of Commerce

on the technical parameters for export

controls and the administration of those

controls within the following areas:

Information Systems TAC: Control List

Categories 3 (electronics), 4 (computers),

and 5 (telecommunications and

information security); Materials TAC:

Control List Category 1 (materials,

chemicals, microorganisms, and toxins);

Materials Processing Equipment TAC:

Control List Category 2 (materials

processing); Regulations and Procedures

TAC: The Export Administration

Regulations (EAR) and Procedures for

implementing the EAR; Sensors and

Instrumentation TAC: Control List

Category 6 (sensors and lasers);

Transportation and Related Equipment

TAC: Control List Categories 7

(navigation and avionics), 8 (marine),

and 9 (propulsion systems, space

vehicles, and related equipment) and

Emerging Technology and Research

Advisory Committee: (1) The

identification of emerging technologies

and research and development activities

that may be of interest from a dual-use

perspective; (2) the prioritization of new

and existing controls to determine

which are of greatest consequence to

national security; (3) the potential

impact of dual-use export control

requirements on research activities; and

(4) the threat to national security posed

by the unauthorized exports of


To respond to this recruitment notice,

please send a copy of your resume to

Ms. Yvette Springer at


Deadline: This Notice of Recruitment

will be open for one year from its date

of publication in the Federal Register.


Yvette Springer on (202) 482–2813.

Dated: October 6, 2010.

Yvette Springer,

Committee Liaison Officer.

[FR Doc. 2010–25463 Filed 10–8–10; 8:45 am]