Establishing a FACA Committee

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Determine the authority for the committee

Determine your authority for the committee, whether:

  • required by statute,
  • required by the President or other Executive Direction, or
  • established under the Secretary’s discretionary authority .

This  requires a package to

Design the committee

Start thinking about the committee in terms of:

  • its duties and objectives
  • the number of members
  • what types of expertise will be required, or interests will be represented,
  • whether the members shall serve as individual experts or as representatives of outside interest groups,
  • how often the group will meet
  • the agency official to whom the group will report,
  • the office within the Department that will be responsible for housing the committee and for providing administrative services,
  • whether that office will provide reimbursement for travel and expenses,
  • the estimated annual cost of the committee, and person-hours of support,
  • the duration of the committee (generally cannot be longer than two years). 

Draft the charter

Using the decisions you made in the “design” phase, fill out the attached template charter [ms-word]

Plan the membership

Develop a plan for balanced membership [pdf].