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Secretary Speeches from 2009

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12/09/2009 Remarks at Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Conference
05/11/2009 Remarks at Supply Chain Infrastructure Competitiveness Conference
09/25/2009 Remarks at Swearing In Ceremony of Deputy Secretary Dennis F. Hightower
08/07/2009 Remarks at the 2009 Convention of the National Association of Black Journalists, Tampa, Florida
07/15/2009 Remarks at the American Chamber of Commerce-Beijing, Beijing, China
08/12/2009 Remarks at the Asian American Journalists Association 20th Annual National Convention, Boston, Massachusetts
10/05/2009 Remarks at the Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America Annual Conference
03/30/2009 Remarks at the Census Bureau National Partnership Briefing
10/22/2009 Remarks at the Clean Energy Economy Forum
05/07/2009 Remarks at the Kauffman Foundation, Kansas City, Missouri
08/10/2009 Remarks at the National Council of the Americas
11/04/2009 Remarks at the National District Export Council Conference
05/20/2009 Remarks at the U.S. Travel Association International Pow Wow 2009, Miami Beach, Florida
10/21/2009 Remarks at the U.S.-Iraq Business and Investment Conference
10/23/2009 Remarks at Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee Meeting
10/08/2009 Remarks at U.S. International Business Council 90th Anniversary Dinner, New York City
07/07/2009 Remarks at U.S.-Russia Business Summit, Moscow, Russia
08/21/2009 Remarks at U.S.-UAE Business Council Luncheon
09/15/2009 Remarks at University of California-San Diego NOAA-NIST Groundbreaking Ceremony, La Jolla, California
07/17/2009 Remarks at USA Pavilion World Expo 2010, Shanghai, China
07/22/2009 Remarks at Washington International Trade Association (WITA)
12/16/2009 Remarks at White House Middle Class Task Force Meeting on Revitalizing American Manufacturing
11/05/2009 Remarks at White House Tribal Nations Conference
10/06/2009 Remarks to Muslim- and Arab-American Business Leaders, Dearborn, Michigan
04/21/2009 Remarks to the Motion Picture Association of America
04/01/2009 Remarks to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO)
10/28/2009 Roundtable Discussion, U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade, Hangzhou, China
05/15/2009 Secretary Locke Remarks on World Trade Week
04/28/2009 Testimony-FY2010 Budget Testimony Before House Appropriations Subcommittee (PDF)
04/23/2009 Testimony-FY2010 Budget Testimony Before Senate Appropriations Subcommittee (PDF)