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Acting U.S. Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank Visits Cincinnati’s Graeter’s Ice Cream to Highlight President Obama’s American Jobs Act

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Blank also meets with local business leaders

Remarks at Graeter's Ice Cream, Cincinnati, Ohio

Acting U.S. Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank traveled to Cincinnati today where she joined Mayor Mark Mallory for a visit to Graeter’s Ice Cream, a locally and family owned ice cream company founded in 1870. 

At Graeter’s, Blank discussed details of the American Jobs Act, which President Obama unveiled last night in front of a joint session of Congress.  Blank highlighted the different ways that the American Jobs Act could make an immediate impact on accelerating job creation–cutting taxes for small businesses, creating tax credits for employers who hire long-term unemployed workers, and preventing layoffs of teachers, firefighters and policemen while putting construction workers to work through repairing much-needed school buildings, roads, rail and airports. She underlined the need for Congress to act quickly on the bipartisan measures in the Jobs Act.                       

Blank also underscored the steps the administration has already taken to help local businesses, like Graeter’s, expand its operations and create jobs.  Graeter’s utilized the Recovery Act’s Build America Bonds to help finance a facility expansion. 

Additionally, Blank hosted a White House Business Council roundtable discussion with local business leaders to discuss the American Jobs Act in further detail, challenges facing America’s business community, ways to improve U.S. economic competitiveness and the help that is available to businesses from agencies across the federal government.