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President Obama’s American Jobs Act Is a Win for Workers and Employers

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Last night President Obama explained his proposal for putting creating jobs now and putting Americans back to work before Congress. In addition to giving the economy a shot in the arm with more money in the pockets of working Americans, his proposed American Jobs Act has several new ideas, backed by both Democrats AND Republicans, which are a win for businesses and employers. The President is focused on rebuilding the economy the American way, through the ingenuity and hard work of the American people.

Businesses and employers stand to win under the President’s American Jobs Act in various ways.

It offers tax relief:

  • A payroll tax cut for 98 percent of small businesses
  • A complete payroll tax holiday for added workers or increased wages
  • Extending 100 percent capital expensing into 2012
  • Reforms and regulatory reductions to help entrepreneurs and small businesses access capital

Financial rewards for hiring workers:

  • A tax credit from $5,600-$9,600 for hiring of unemployed veterans
  • New contracts for modernizing public schools, homes and businesses
  • A bipartisan-supported National Infrastructure Bank which provides capital and contracts to upgrade and build vital roads, rails and airports.
  • A $4,000 tax credit for hiring long-term unemployed workers
  • Allowing workers to earn unemployment insurance if they choose to work share over layoffs.

Learn more about the benefits of the American Jobs Act.

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Most of the speech was generic and no plan was outlined

What does it mean "New contracts for modernizing homes and businesses?"

When will speech makers understand we do not want rhetoric? We want to see a black and white easy to understand outline with action steps and who was personally responsible for that action? Who is going to do what on Monday? What will be accomplished by end of month? and what will we see before years end. Forget the rhetoric and forget passing this or that....what is the clear vision and what are the steps and who is responsible? That is the only thing we are interested in when one is unemployed or hungry in a great nation such as ours. How can we fill the jobs where we lack skills and if government were to do anything positive, it would be take everyone off unemployment which does absolutely not one person any good and put them directly into an internship. IF they do not show up three times on time during their internship, they are let go without payment or future unemployment. Teach people responsibility not dependence. Teach them how to fish, not hold their hand out. It is a continuing fault of America to be and enabler to create dependence not a leader that empowers the world. Break the cycle of dependence and let citizens take ownership of their choices and their responsibility. Washington is like a very poor parent.
Karen Schultz

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