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President Obama Nominates Secretary Locke to be the New U.S. Ambassador to China

At the White House this morning, President Obama announced Commerce Secretary Gary Locke as his choice to be the next Ambassador to China. As Commerce Secretary, Locke has earned the trust of business leaders across America, advocating on behalf of America’s businesses and U.S. exports all around the world. In 2010, Commerce led an unprecedented number of trade missions worldwide, promoting American businesses and products, and Locke has been a point person for the President’s National Export Initiative, which aims to double U.S. exports in five years, creating several million new jobs. Additionally, as Commerce Secretary, Locke has helped make progress on the critical partnership between the U.S and China, expanding opportunities for American companies and American workers, and negotiating the opening of the Chinese market to U.S. goods and services. Read Secretary Locke's remarks and watch the video of the announcement below. | Public reaction to announcement |  White House blog

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Great Choice

I have seen Gary Locke's business expertise close up as Seattle personal injury attorney in a small firm for many years. He did a great job for the state of Washington, and I'm sure he will continue that excellence on the national level as our Ambassador to China.

Congrats to Secretary Locke to be Ambassador to China

Greetings. As Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke will be Ambassador to China,I have reason to believe that he needs to have some knowledge of the Chinese language and Chinese philosophy.

"A Glimpse of the Chinese Language" in English is hereby dedicated to the new envoy for his kind reference.

"Philosophy of Mencius" under Confucianism is listed at the Library of Congress would be useful for understanding Chinese culture.

With my highest esteem,

Francis Shieh, Fulbright Senior Scholar,Hong Kong, 1989-1990. Fulbright Specialist Candidate,May 2010-May 2015.

March 9,2011


I don't know even if he go to China, he can do best.
He has to insist U.S. intellectual property rights in China.
But, U.S. patent & trademarks office made fake & illegal patent.
And he didn't solve this crime well.
Then, how can he insist U.S. rights in a foreign nation?

Welcome back,Gary

Welcome back,Gary!May god bless you and your gorgeous family in china.