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Secretary Locke, Cabinet and Government Officials Participate in President's National Conversation on Fatherhood Panel

Image of YoutTuve video-click for videoU.S. Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke joined a panel discussion on President Barack Obama's National Conversation on Fatherhood today in Washington. The conversation is intended to address the challenge of father absence in many communities by encouraging personal responsibility among dads across the country and assessing how we can all work together–individuals, community and faith-based organizations, and the government–to strengthen families and support father involvement. Following the panel discussion, President Obama concluded the first year of this National Conversation with a speech at a community organization in Washington, D.C.   Obama remarks   Obama YouTube video   En español

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Polluting by NOAA, 12 million, PLASTIC fishing registry cards

I am an advid fisherman who has completed the National Saltwater Angler Registry as required by NOAA. On the NOAA website, they state that 12 million plus Anglers have registered so far. They will receive a PLASTIC registration card FOR THIS YEAR. I am an not a Greenpeace/Tree hugging type person, but it is just wrong to dispense that much plastic, that is going to be carried around our Oceans.

Solution: Send out HEAVY GAUGE PAPER registration cards each year that have ben made from recycled paper. They are better for the environment and set a good example by NOAA.